A young child holding a skateboard in a skateboard ramp.
A skateboarder skateboarding on a ramp in Nepal.


Skate Nepal is a UK based non-profit organisation dedicated to sharing the love of skateboarding to the people of Nepal

Skate Nepal came into fruition 6 months following the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal in mid 2015. The earthquakes left fatalities around the 9,000 mark and left even more injured. Many children were left without families or homes.

At that time, skateboarding in Nepal was very much at its infancy but had potential to flourish and blossom. Skate Nepal’s aim is to spread the love of skateboarding to the people of Nepal as a positive social, cultural and creative activity. As a means to enrich the lives of Nepali people across all generations, genders and races.

Skate Nepal’s first target was to build Nepal’s first sustainable, world-class skate park and thanks to the joint efforts of organisations Make Life Skate Life, Alis, The Community Collective and a host of international volunteers, this dream came to life with the construction of the Kathmandu Skatepark (December 2016) and the Annapurna Skatepark in Pokhara, in May of 2017.

With the skateparks now built our aim is to further nurture and sustain the skateboarding community in Nepal.

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Annapurna Skatepark


Kathmandu Skatepark


Annapurna Skatepark


Annapurna Skatepark




May Rhododendrons Grow

‘May Rhododendrons Grow’ is the story of skateboarding in Nepal, its flourishing journey and the forces behind it. A film shot and directed by Sirus F Gahan.